The problem of cellulite is not serious

Excess fat, wherein accumulate in areas mentioned above. Then everything is simple: if there is an accumulation of fat, the skin covering these fatty areas, begins to change in appearance, that is, to frown and lose its original elasticity.

That is the real cellulite.Diet and lifestyle – Due to the fact that the vast majority of experts relates to the problem of cellulite is not serious, not counting his disease, virtually no one in scientific medicine has not paid enough attention to this issue. It is not surprising that we know so little about the very problem of cellulite and even less about how to deal with it effectively. Cellulite Factor Review – Dr. Charles Livingston

We only know that, as a preventive measure, you should avoid the accumulation of extra pounds in your body that lead to the formation of subcutaneous fat.

This task can be performed in compliance with a balanced diet and the consumption of foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and so-called bioflavonoids (phytochemicals). Welcome food, which contains large amounts of fiber and low in fat. As an application or as an independent event to dietary food (everyone decides for himself!), We recommend regular exercise, which help to deal with excess energy. Physical activity increases blood flow to all parts of our body, which speeds up metabolism and helps disperse accumulated subcutaneous fat. For more details