Cellulite is in the crosshairs

Fight cellulite. You still have enough time to using appropriate methods, to reduce the symptoms and improve the appearance of skin.Where does cellulite?Causes of cellulite are not fully known. Wine can be both inherited tendencies and excessive consumption of carbohydrates, animal fats, salt, highly processed foods, sedentary lifestyle, stress or too tight, that inhibit the flow of blood and lymph, clothes.

Behind one of the most important factors, it is a hormonal imbalance, specifically excess estrogen (female hormone).Cellulite can also be associated with puberty, pregnancy, taking birth control pills or menopause. Therefore victims of ailments tend to be mostly women.Men also tend to have it, but it is less visible due to a more strict construction of the mesh of collagen, which keeps the fat cells in the deeper layers of the skin.Characteristic bumps and holes visible on the skin is unevenly distributed fatty deposits.

Wherever collagen tissue is very flexible and loose fat cells below the epidermis form nodules.The skin surface begins to resemble the skin of overripe oranges. Disorders affect not only the appearance, but also disorders of blood and lymph circulation. http://www.fatlosspot.com/cellulite-factor-review-a-product-by-dr-charles-livingston-the-maker-of-fat-loss-factor/

This leads to slow changes at the cellular level, hypoxia and accumulation of toxins. Favorite places cellulite include the abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips. Appears also on the inner side of the arm and chestIn those places in a natural way the body accumulates fat stores on “hard times”. When we eat more than you burn, sooner or later there we just expect it.